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Our Story

Who we are and why we do what we do.

We founded Legemdary on a mission to bring transparency to an age-old market that has done a phenomenal job of leaving a large hole in your the name of love. For decades the engagement and wedding ring industry has built an empire around the myth that the higher the ring price, the more valuable the diamond. In reality, every time a diamond passes through another hand during its time between the mine and you, the price increases. Our founders were determined to lessen the middle men in the diamond jewelry process, in order to bring down exorbitant ring pricing.

We have brought disruption to the market as the first diamond platform to connect ring shoppers like you directly to a global network of diamond wholesalers, who bid to offer you the best price on your GIA-certified diamond. Our reverse auction model drives competition among our wholesale partners, which ensures you’ll receive the best price offer. Not only has this successfully brought all our customers the lowest price on the highest value diamonds, but has also created a new market for wholesalers who want to sell as many diamonds as possible.

Diamonds would not hold nearly as much value without the nature of what they symbolize. Your special moment should not be diminished by the pressure of finding the ideal ring at the ideal price. That's why we're here, to give you both. In eliminating the financial stress of your engagement ring shopping, we hope you are able to take a step back and see the rush of wonderful experiences ahead of you and your significant other. We want you to have the time, flexibility and peace of mind for your exciting journey ahead, as you value all the moments that have contributed to your journey and remember that a diamond’s true worth is in its significance.

Diamonds are a symbol, a tool, to making your moment more special. A diamond’s purity, rarity, and unique characteristics eternalize that moment. That’s what we want to restore. We want to restore the significance of that feeling, that emotion, that cherished memory you’re about to create.

Our team is routing for your moment and all the precious ones to come for you and yours. Congratulations from the whole Legemdary team on your upcoming leap! We are thrilled to play a part in your story.


The Legemdary Family